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Skinner's Edge Card Creme is...

A special preparation that gives your hands just the right amount of tack to give you the sure grip and confidence needed for a professional performance Easy to apply, great control, no build-up on hands or props, it is a wonderful concealed weapon for improved confidence and technique in manipulation.

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How Mike Used It

If you use it you will see in it what Mike saw, a remarkably helpful tool for card and coin manipulation. Michael was religious about this stuff, always carrying a container in his sock so that, when called upon to perform, he would excuse himself to “wash-up” and then be ready to blow us all away.

Important Note: Sort-Kwik, a great product for fingertip moistening, is not the same product as Skinner’s Edge Card Creme and does not have all of the benefits nor does it perform as well as this product for these purposes. While formulated and manufactured at the same labs, it is a significantly different product.