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Skinner's Edge Card Creme

The 'edge' is a specially formulated crème that the late Michael Skinner carried in a small plastic container. Wherever he went, Mike wore that container on his ankle inside his sock so that whenever called upon, he could excuse himself to "wash up" and perform miracles with a borrowed deck. Easy to apply, great control, no build-up on hands or props, it is a wonderful concealed weapon for improved confidence and technique in manipulation. Available at better magic dealers everywhere.

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Michael Skinner's Legacy

The whole motivation behind the production and marketing of Skinner’s Edge Card Crème is to help keep Michael’s name alive in the field of Magic. We are magicians, working to bring a great product to magicians while attempting to memorialize our dear friend, mentor and teacher, Michael Skinner.

The product is produced for us by the same labs that produce Sortkwik Hand-Finger Moistener. It is a significantly different formulation with the addition of skin moisteners and enhancers that help condition your skin while aiding in a sure grip and deft handeling. The packaging is very similiar; which causes a lot of confusion and leads some folks to try the Sortkwik product without enjoying those additional skin preserving features that Mike depended on. 

We encourage to try the product. You will notice a marked difference in your hands condition and your ability to deliver all the "right moves".