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Legerdomain is the magical wing of The FingerPrints Group of endeavors and is responsible for the manufacture of a number of items produced specifically for magicians and the performance arts. Among those products are:

It began with the decision to manufacture the card creme in an effort to honor Michael Skinner and keep his name alive in Magic circles.

He had always depended on a skin conditioner which was made in our home town. He was afraid that the stuff would become unavailable at any time for any reason so I visited the good people at Lee Products who made the product. It was one of several that included their premiere product SortKwik, the very successful office fingertip moistener. I would buy cases of this other product for Michael.

After his passing, and some discussion with another of Mike’s good friends, Doc Jon Deems, we decided to approach Lee Products about repackaging that particular formulation as Skinner’s Edge Card Crème.

It turns out that the same formula was being used to subcontract and re-package products as diverse as a cream for professionals in the lighting industry to assist in the safe handling of costly light bulbs and (my favorite) a pet product to help dogs in competition maintain paw traction on slippery indoor venue floors.

Some years later it was decided to bring the Chap-O over from FingerPrints Design where it was born in 1999 to the Legerdomain side.