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We've been into personal computing since 1982 starting with Radio Shack followed by CPM and ending up in the PC Dos and Windows operating systems; all looking for a way to communicate more effectively. Early word processing programs like WordStar leading to page design software and then with the advent of the Internet, Web page design and the commensurate business and graphics suites.

FingerPrints Design has been offering these various services for over twelve years to a group of select clients nationwide. The bulk of current contracts involve Web and Graphic design, however we are always able to assist in any program requiring print or other non-digital media.

Another area of success has been the delivery of various enhanced CD’s for performance artists that include regular CD audio in addition to computer and web data along with digitally archived print and photographic resources.

Pop them in a CD player to play music or put them in your CD Rom drive for a total digital and graphical experience to go along with the audio. You can also provide video and photos and bio’s all on the same disc which can be burnt in small quantities or manufactured for the lowest possible per unit cost.

We encourage you to contact us for any of your digital graphic and design needs.